luck be a lady

when debra came to me for custom invitations, for her casino night themed 30th birthday party, i could hardly contain my excitement. i always love the opportunity to design for a themed party and since i hadn’t done a casino night before, the ideas started running like crazy in my head.

here is what i came up with…

i hope these invitations make all of debra’s guests smile and cry tears of joy, just like the birthday girl did the first time i showed her this design.


  1. Debra January 23, 2010

    it is true. i got tears in my eyes when i first saw these invitations. they are perfect. everyday more and more of my guests get the invitations and tell me how excited they are for the event because the invitations are so cute and creative. you only get 1 chance to make a first impression so thank goodness your invitations are doing the trick! people are so excited to come because of the little treat they are getting in the mail. thanks so much irena!!!! can’t wait to meet lady luck with you!
    ~debra (the birthday girl)

  2. Nothingtolose February 7, 2011

    My Dad is turning 50 and my sisters and I are throwing him a surprise casino themed party and I would love to use this idea for the invitations! Did you just print them on cardstock and then use real cards for the ones where we see the back?

  3. Jenn March 9, 2012

    How did you print these? did you design them and out source the printing or print them yourself?

    • in a card April 28, 2012

      Yes, I designed these invitations and printed both the front and back side on my printer and hand assembled each one.

  4. Autumn Youngblood August 6, 2013

    Hi, could you tell me where you found the templates or what you used. I would love to make these for a friends party coming soon.

    • in a card August 7, 2013

      This is a custom invitation that I designed and currently sell. If you would like more information on purchasing this invitation for your friend’s party, please email me at Thank you!


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