the gift of sushi

just when i thought sushi couldn’t get any cuter, sakae sushi in gardena, puts it in a box and wraps it up.

made me think of my recent post, in the details.  this was definitely one of those little details i saw today.  and it definitely brought a smile to my face.  when the lady behind the counter handed me the box, i felt like a giddy little girl with a present someone just surprised me with. it was such a fun experience unwrapping my gift box of sushi when i got home and opening the box to see this beautiful presentation laid out in front of me.

as i was taking pictures of my lunch today, i couldn’t help but think of how very well represented those sushi erasers and sushi usb drives are.  🙂

from the front (counter-clockwise): nori-maki, cali roll, tamago-maki, ebi, inari


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